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Breathtaking Kitchen Countertop Featuring Patagonia Quartzite

Patagonia Quartzite Kitchen Countertop
Jack Wong
Jack Wong
Hi, I'm Jack Wong, the manager of Stoneweek. I've been working in the stone industry in China for 10 years, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to stone from a Chinese supplier's perspective.
  • Project: Private Luxury Villa
  • Location: New Jersey, USA
  • Material Used: Patagonia Quartzite
  • Time: July 2021
Patagonia Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

Patagonia Quartzite

available at Stoneweek.

Patagonia Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

Supplied by Stoneweek, this contemporary space features Patagonia Quartzite. This luxury kitchen is divided into three parts, from the countertop to the island and bench, Patagonia Quartzite engulfs this space with a sense of tranquility.

Within the countertop, Patagonia Quartzite perfectly applied at the top and backsplash. The non-traditional edging and chamfering make the entire countertop looks more modern.

Patagonia Quartzite Kitchen Countertop
Patagonia Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

The most amazing is the island top which was made from one whole single large slab. The Patagonia Quartzite’s solid beige clasts are interspersed with transparent patches of crystallized stone woven together with strands of gold.

Patagonia Quartzite is a true statement-making choice in home design. This stunning Brazilian natural quartzite adds not just an element of elegance but also drama, uniqueness and unsurpassed colorations. Patagonia Quartzite effortlessly ties together natural beauty with a gentle aura. Ideal for adding a soft elegance to any design, Patagonia Quartzite is set to become the standard in premium Quartzite.

Patagonia Quartzite Kitchen Countertop
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